Why Linux Webhosting?

Several factors make Linux web hosting the most popular choice for individuals, small and medium-size companies. Linux open source policy is one of them.

In contrast to more expensive Windows-based services, anyone can download and use Linux operating system and Linux language based free of charge. The code is open.

Windows-based software is accessible to those who purchase them. The cost of purchase by the hosting company is then transferred to the web hosting buyers. Additional features in Windows cost extra as well.

The Linux web hosting providers may still charge for additional services, but there is no hard cost associated with that which forces them to charge.

Scripts such as PHP, MySQL, Telnet, Perl, .htaccess and SSI that makes design and operating a website so much easier are part of Linux. These features make advanced customization easier.

The stability of Linux/UNIX operating systems is another huge advantage. Stability of the operating system translates to high uptime.

The scripts necessary for many website designs and operation such as .cgi, .html, .htm, .pl, .php, .shtml, .asp, .xml are easily accessible with Linux.

Transferability and scalability are two other advantages of Linux.

Even though Linux web hosting is not fully compatible with Microsoft technologies, you can move web hosting from Linux web servers to Windows web servers. However, you cannot do the opposite.

When you need additional features, Linux scalability helps without a huge site-wide change in design. As your website grows, the need for scalability and stability we talked about becomes more apparent.

Besides lack of full compatibility, assuming the extra cost does not matter, Windows web hosting offers ASP that supports Cold Fusion, Access, and SQL. These features are cost extra and fairly expensive.

For newbies to the world of hosting and design Linux is the way to go assuming your project does not include Microsoft software such as Access database already.

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